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Children Learn By Example

Christadelphians believe that our children should be raised by a good example. We don't simply teach our children to do the right thing but we try to show them the correct way by our own actions.

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Few true disciples are totally satisfied with their prayer life. We all aspire to do better and to be better, but the goal we seek remains tantalisingly out of reach.

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Some Events For 2018

Great Ormond Street Coffee Morning

We are making our plans at the moment and planning something special

11:00 47 Garton End Rd Peterborough

Coffee Morning for Macmillian

Drinks, cakes, crafts for kids and chats.

From 11.00am 47 Garton End Rd Peterborough

Harvest Celebration

All food will be collected for the local foodbank.

3:30pm 47 Garton End Rd Peterborough

We Are Raising Funds

We support Meal A Day a charity that raises money to help those less fortunate around the world. If you buy online please visit clickandraise.com first as they have teamed up with various stores that will give money to Meal A Day for your purchases.

Click & Raise Goal is: £50,000

Visit Click and Raise

Visit Meal A Day

Little Photo Gallery

Just a few of us

John Watkin

John WatkinBaptised 1997

“After many ups and downs in my personal life, I look back now at the support I get from my faith and other members of my church and wonder how I would have survived with out God in my life.”

Helen Wisner

Helen WisnerBaptised

“I grew up in a Christadelphian household. I feel I have been blessed since being baptised, as I met my husband at one of our churches, and have made good friends at our church here in Peterborough.”

Amelia Wilson

Amelia WilsonNot Baptised

“I come to the meeting in Peterborough with my mum, dad and brother. I like learning about the Bible and playing with my friends who come on Sunday. I try to be good but don't always manage it.”

Ken Maplethorpe

Ken MaplethorpeBaptised 1959

“As the oldest member of the church I still continue learning, and eagerly await the return of Christ to this earth to right all wrongs, banish sin and death, and reign as the immortal king.”