Our Sunday School

Sunday SchoolPeterborough Christadelphians hold a Sunday school every Sunday for children from the age of four to sixteen. Sunday school runs from 11.00 am until approximately 12 noon, when the children will join the Sunday morning meeting until its conclusion at about 12.30 pm. We have three classes, an infant class for children from the age four to seven, a junior class for children from the age of eight to eleven and a senior class for children from the age of twelve to sixteen. Each class is taught by a member of the Peterborough Christadelphians. We follow a four year lesson plan organised by the Christadelphian Sunday School Union and the children will learn about characters from the Bible such as Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Ruth, Esther, Samson, Samuel and also about Jesus, his disciples and the parables Jesus performed. These bible stories are considered both to learn of God's message and also to learn how we should live and interact with each other. 'Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."' (Luke 18 v 16)

Sunday School TeachersThe children in our Sunday school are taught by a dedicated team of volunteers, who are all members of our church. All the teachers are experienced, several of whom have been teaching Sunday school for many years, and strive to generate a positive and creative learning environment for the children. In addition to teaching our children about God and the Good News of the Kingdom of God, we encourage them to learn from the examples of the different Bible characters they study, benefiting from moral guidance and gaining life skills. Peterborough Christadelphians comply with current regulations regarding Criminal Records Bureau checks for all members involved in any Sunday school or youth activity.

Lessons The Christadelphian Sunday School Union (CSSU) produces resources for Sunday School teachers and Youth Leaders. It also publishes magazines for children and young people, and arranges an Annual Gathering for teachers and youth leaders. At Peterborough Christadelphian church, we use the materials and resources supplied by the CSSU as a guide for Bible-based activites and content of the lessons we teach in our Sunday School classes. But it's not all study, study, study - we also run several "extra-curricular" activities for the children! Teachers, parents, other members of the church and of course the children get together annually for a Sunday school outing, to enjoy a day of fun and friendship. We've been to the National Space Centre in Leicester, Colchester Zoo and many other places over the years. We also organise an annual prize-giving afternoon, where the children are awarded books or Bible-based gifts for good work and regular attendance throughout the year. Sunday School Artwork: At various points in the year, our usual Sunday afternoon Bible Hour becomes "Children's Hour", which is, as always, open to any members of the public, as well as our Sunday school children.